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John Coltrane vs. Louis Armstrong: Black Conciousness in Jazz

I can remember one day on Facebook being castigated by this white jazz vocalist as not being a serious student

May 1, 2013
“Wynton Marsalis & JALCO play The Mooche at San Javier Jazz Festival 2011”
April 18, 2013
Who is Jazz Pianist Barry Harris ?

Barry Harris is a rare jewel in the world of jazz. A pianist who is a great educaror who actually

February 9, 2013
Are all great trumpet players intellectuals ?

I’ve been wondering about this. There are so many variables involved with tone production in brass playing I wonder if

February 7, 2013
Jazz – The Red Pill

The study of jazz is not for earthlings. You are constantly shedding layers of your humanity to get extraterrestial knowledge.

January 27, 2013
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