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I Have Never Been In Love by Charmaine Michelle

I wrestle with the concept have I ever been in love. I have been exposed to many concepts of love.

February 26, 2015
Can a man be in the room with a naked woman and it not be sexual ?

I have alot of guy friends. I play trumpet and very few women do this. When I go to some

July 2, 2014
Cut your spouse some slack

I can’t speak on marriages of other faiths, but I have studied alot about Christian marriages and been apart of

February 21, 2014
His Voice

I appreciate the sound of wisdom that came from his voice. It resonated with truth and rang with the timber

February 13, 2014
[POEM] One out of many

I know I was not that special Just one out of many Just one out of the many women who

November 25, 2013
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