Spiritual and Emotional Goal

As my fast comes to end I am becoming a bit clearer on the kind of woman I want to be. Not what I want to necessarily have but how I want to operate. I believe when you master the how and why of being, what you produce and achieve will CONSISTENTLY be favorable. 

To me a life of excellence is about consistency and healthy relationships. My life has these priorities in exact order:

Faith (consistent prayer, bible study, worshipping)

Fitness (eliminating and minimizing unhealthy foods, running 3 times a week, weight lifting)

Family (praying, listening to my kids, teaching them Biblical values and having loads of fun)

Finances (work, budgeting, investing)

When these things are in order I can better serve others and the community at large.

Finally, my overall life goal is to operate with grace and the least amount of bitterness despite the challenges and setbacks that occur in life. I want to grow in spiritual and emotional integrity, IN JESUS NAME. 

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